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!! Inara Serra; 30_shinyfics table !!

I get tired of wanting to write and having nothing really to write. Sure, I have all these ideas swimming around in my brain, but I have no way to get them out. After some soul searching, I figured I just needed a nice big prompt table to work it out of me. So, I scooted on over to 30_shinyfics, claimed Inara for myself and here we are. Under the cut you'll find the table of prompts and as I finish the stories, I'll post a link to them within the table - as well as giving them their own post.

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05.29.008 - The prodigul (daughter) returns

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'd feel bad, except I already know that the only person who really reads this is xxsh0tgun. Anyway, I've been uber busy. My new job kicks my ass every weekday and Sean and I moved into this cute little townhouse down in Woodbridge (which is about half an hour from where I was living) and it's been way too much work.

1. My job. You can check out our website - www.spinecareva.com - if you really want to. I think it's pretty cool. Aside from my pictures; those are not so hot. Oh well.

2. The new place. Sean and I OFFICIALLY moved in on the 1st, but we started moving stuff over the week before. We had to move everything and clean the place up some. It wasn't exactly dirty, but it's been vacant for over a year, so everything was dusty and a little rank. Right after we moved in, we had a ton of issues. The smoke detector on our middle floor freaked out and started going off. Oh yeah, AND DRIPPING WATER. We had to throw the circuit to get it to shut up. The ceiling in our bedroom - literally right above our bed - started leaking after a few rainstorms. We had to move our bed and put a tarp down until it could get fixed. So, Sean had to stay home a few days to wait for people to come fix shit. First, some guys came to put up a new back fence - which was supposed to be done before we moved in. Then the plumber came to look at the master shower because he thought that was what caused our smoke detector to spaz. he wound up replacing the shower head and re-caulking (that's what she said) the drain. He still has to come back to re-tile part of the shower floor. In the meantime, Sean and I get to shower either in the basement or in the guest bathroom. Fun times. After the plumber came, the roofer showed up to fix our roof. Then the electrician showed up to reset the smoke detectors (because at this point, the one all the way upstairs started tweaking, too). And finally, the drywall guy showed up to re-dry wall our ceiling where the leak had been. So we're just waiting for the plumber to come back out, but that won't be until next week. I've spent an insane amount of money on crap for this place and it's still not completely done. Sean spent most of his day yesterday hanging pictures up in the house, so it's starting to actually look like we've moved in. I just need to finish the guest room (which involves buying pillows and a comforter, waiting for the bridle racks to come in so I can put them up, buying and putting up some shelves and decorating them with Breyer horses, getting a floor lamp because there is no light on the ceiling for some reason, and possibly buying a few more pictures to hang in there). And, if you didn't notice from the mention of bridles and Breyer horses, the guest room is Western themed. Which is great since the living room, the guest bathroom, the master bedroom, and kind of the kitchen are all Asian themed. Sean and I have a lot of Asian stuff; living in Japan does it to you. I have my two framed horse paintings in the guest room - one of which was painted by my late great uncle, Ed. I also have an iron wall decoration (I don't know what else to call it) of a horse running above the bed. My mom had it since she was like 9 or something crazy like that. I also have my saddle on it's stand in the corner of the room; as well as a toy bench with my name on it that my grandparents bought me a million years ago. I ordered two bridle racks (in the shape of horse shoes) online and once they get in, they're going on the wall so I can use my bridles as decoration. Go me. It'll be disgustingly themed in there. Seriously. I still need to get my library in order. I just got the bookshelves, so I can finally start putting stuff away and making a path to my desk; which means I might actually get my computer set up soon. By the way, I'm sitting on my Mom's computer, sipping a mimosa (ERIN YOU GOT ME HOOKED) and waiting for Lost.

I'm planning on putting up a meme soon. I may sneak on Sean's computer tomorrow (if I'm not swamped with housework) to pop it up. We'll see. And yes, I have a lot of housework. Sean and I invited some people over Saturday night for dinner. The house (and I) have to be spotless. I'm going to go watch Lost before I have to head home tonight; and once I'm there, I have to finish a load of laundry and sweep up the main floor, and possibly dust, before I fall into bed. One more day of work. That's all.

Oh, remind me to tell you the Blockbuster debacle of 08. It's a winner.
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03.22.08 - Homeward bound

Sean and I signed our lease today. Now I'm realizing how much money I don't have. When I get my paycheck on the 4th, I need to TRY to pay Sean $825 - for half of the rent check he paid today. I already have $500 saved up for the pet deposit, I just have to not touch it. And there's still $299 I need to put toward the bed Sean and I want to buy. Oh yeah, and however much toward the TV.

I'm just hoping against hope that I freakin' get a ton of money and/or gift cards for my birthday. There's no way I can get the things I want otherwise. I'm borrowing bookcases from Dad until I can buy the ones I want from Ikea. Mom and Dad are trying to find me a used couch and love seat set for my birthday - that I will recover. The couch will go downstairs for Sean and the love seat will go upstairs in my library/office. So, matching side tables for our bedroom gets put on hold, as does the table and stools for the kitchen, my KitchenAid mixer (*sob*), and any new clothes I thought I needed. Including scrubs. Which kills me because I only have 4 sets and I have to be at work 5 days. So I'm always rewearing one a week. Yuck.

Oh my God. AND I have to buy Courtney's baby gifts AND I have to pay for my facial. And I wanted a pedicure, but I'm not getting it. I just want to die. Or I want some rich uncle I never knew about to drop dead and leave me all his money.
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03.06.08 - A funny thing happened on the way to blog

I haven't had the desire to turn my computer on in a few weeks. I've been job hunting and house hunting and lounging around with Sean - basically, perfectly content not near my computer. Today I got this burning need to blog. So when I got home from shopping with Mom and Georgi, I turned my computer on, got everything loaded up and the SECOND I started typing up my post for LJ, the internet crapped out on me. It's ironically hysterical.

I'm sick of house hunting, I can tell y'all that. I did quite a bit of it with Mom and Dad, but I looked at houses SIX days in the past week; five days in a row, had a day off, and then I went another day. That was looking for Mom and Dad and me and Sean.

My parents fell in love with this house behind Georgi and Mark's. They put in an offer and then kept getting jerked around, so we had to go look for back-up houses. Which, it turns out, we didn't need because the house is their's now. They close on April 17th.

Sean and I fell in love with this cute little condo. It was a dream, really. It had a one car garage, a decent sized rec room on the entry level, a decent sized kitchen and living room on the second level, two master suites on the third level, and a third master suite on the fourth level. To move into it, though, we'd have to replace the carpets, repaint the whole place, and fence in the backyard. So we put an offer on it and two days later found out that another contract had been accepted and was ratified, so our offer was null and void.

Not to worry because after looking at a MILLION other places, we found this super cute little townhouse in the same neighborhood as our parents. Haha. We'll be living, literally, half a mile away from them. It's a bank owned property listed at $260,000 - Georgi went in and offered $245,000 AND wanted them to pay the $7,500 in closing costs for us. The bank replied back yesterday saying they wanted $255,000 and they didn't want to pay closing costs. So Georgi replied that she'd pay the $255,000, but wants them to cover $5,000 in closing costs. We're just waiting for a response. If they say no, we'll still wind up getting the house because we can technically afford to pay the closing costs. We just don't want to. =)

Real estate is way too expensive out here, though. We can only afford this place because Georgi's our agent - she gets 6% commission on the sale. That money is our down payment. When Sean and I sell this place, she'll get that money back.

What else? Shopping today was kind of blah. I've realized I'm a horrible person to shop with. I only really have fun with xxsh0tgun and I have no stamina for shopping. We shopped for FOUR hours with Georgi and I'm exhausted. I was exhausted two hours into it. I did, however, get a cute little sweater out of it because Kohls is cheap (it was $11.40), and Georgi bought me a Vera Wang purse for my birthday.

I'm going back over to Dr. Gluck's tomorrow to hang out with Linda and fax my resume to offices in Woodbridge, since I'm moving down there. Hopefully, I'll get hired soon because I have a whole mess of crap to buy for this townhouse. Seriously. It's a four bedroom home, and the master has a loft over it. Here's what I've figured out: I know what's going in the master suite because that's where we're sleeping. I'll probably put my computer in the loft, but I don't know what else. The room across the hall from the master I want to make a library. I want to cover the walls with bookcases from Ikea (Billy - it's amazing) and I want to put a big, oversized armchair in there. The other room on that floor, I have NO IDEA what to do with. "My TV" (aka, the new TV we buy just for watching TV on) will be in the living room on the main level, with Sean's couch and the DVR. Sean's little table will go in the dining room. I want to buy a little bar table and two bar stools to put in the kitchen, because there's a lot of open space in there. And then downstairs there's the guest room and rec room. The giant ass TV is going in the rec room, with all of Sean's systems hooked up to it, and we want to buy a cute little futon couch for down there. And then the guest room...obviously there'll be a bed and crap in it. But I still have no clue about the loft, really, or that extra bedroom on the top level.

I do have to say, though, that the most kick ass thing about the basement is that the people who owned it previously installed another kitchen down there. They probably rented out the basement. There's a weird looking stove (it's super skinny!) and a full sized fridge down there, as well as counters and cabinets. We're going to trash the fridge and stove, replace the counter tops, buy a mini fridge, and make a wine rack out of wooden slats where the stove was. Then we're going to add a little island and buy a few stools. Yep. We're going to have an adorable little bar in our basement. It'll be great when Sean's friends come over, too, because half of them are drunks. I'll just banish them to the basement where they can play on Sean's computer (which is hooked up to his TV), or one of his video game systems, and drink. And when they're ready to pass out, they can stumble to the guest room or crash on the futon couch. And I'll either be the level up watching TV, or two levels up, reading in my library, sleeping or on my computer. That's the life, man.

If anyone has any ideas about what I can do with that spare room, though, hit me up because I'm at a loss. I don't really need another guest room (as it is, I'll have a queen in the one in the basement and the futon couch slips flat to make a double), and it's WAY too early to make it a nursery. And I don't sew or really do any crafts. And it's not big enough to shove a treadmill in, or I'd let Sean do that (not that he'll actually USE the treadmill if he buys one). And we don't need a "theatre room" because as it is, we're already buying a new TV - possibly two because Sean really wants to upgrade his 55" one - and getting one from my parents. Which means we'll have a TV in the basement, in the living room, in our bedroom, AND in the guest room. That's too many if you ask me.
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01.29.08 - Seven Things Meme

I was tagged for this by xxsh0tgun:

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it".

1. I'm Erin's bitch. Just in case you haven't figured that out for yourself yet. She tags me to do a silly meme and I do it. Why? Not because I have an overwhelming urge to do so, but because she asked me to. Hence, her bitch.
2. I'm horrifically addicted to the The Sims 2. I only have two expansion packs (out of seven) installed, but I just bought myself another one on eBay. And for those of you interested, the expansion packs I have installed are Nightlife and Seasons and I just purchased Pets. This means that I will have to either get a larger hard drive on this computer OR uninstall more programs just to fit the expansions packs and all the free crap I've downloaded. I <3 custom content.
3. I'm a not-so-closet TV addict. I'm one of those people who is so addicted to TV that I'll complain about a stupid reality show and then turn around and watch it because it's a train wreck and I don't know how not to watch it. And the thing is, I really don't like reality TV that much. I would much rather fall in love with fake TV characters. My current list of shows? Monday: Chuck (NBC 8pm), Prison Break (FOX 8pm), Heroes (NBC 9pm), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX 9pm), Journeyman (NBC 10pm). Tuesday: Bones (FOX 8pm), Reaper (CW 8pm), House (FOX 9pm). Wednesday: America's Next Top Model (CW 8pm), Pushing Daisies (ABC 8pm), Private Practice (ABC 9pm). Thursday: Ugly Betty (ABC 8pm), Lost (ABC 8pm*), The Office (NBC 9pm), Grey's Anatomy (ABC 9pm). And then there are the VH1 shows that I watch, but have (honestly) no idea when the hell they come on. I just told my DVR to record it and I usually watch them Sunday night: Rock of Love 2, My Fair Brady: Maybe Baby?, and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. I also have been watching the American Idol auditions. Like last year, though, I don't plan on watching the actual show. I only watch until Hollywood week is over.
4. I have a giant bulletin board that I made Erin help me decorate almost two years ago that I keep adding to. A lot of the stuff on my board is way outdated, but I've decided it would be more fun to just add crap on top and see how many layers I can get before it gets too heavy and falls on it, as opposed to just redecorating it. A tribute to my laziness.
5. I have a pirate obsession. They are way better than ninjas for the following reasons: (1) Pirates have English accents and English accents rule. (2) Pirates know how to accessorize. (3) Pirates have sexy boots. (4) Pirates like to party. (5) Pirates like (and get) booty.
6. Joss Whedon is my God. One of them at least. I'm a die hard fan of all three of his shows; although I like Firefly the best and Angel the least. I'm buying his graphic novels now as well because they're amazing. And I'm currently attempting to watch every movie he's had a hand in making - just to say I have. =)
7. I read like you would not believe. I don't own half the books I've read, but I would if I had the money. I have one dinky bookcase in my room and it's stuffed full of books. Erin is always buying books and not having time to read them, so she sends about seven or more to me at a time and I give them back when I'm done. Right now, I have a bag of eight books that I need to get back to her.

I tag: thegabbster, harbinjer, kcwins, and dramuhkween -- Yes, only four because Erin already did it. And unless I add community tags in here, I don't have enough people =)
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16. Upon Her Heart ; 30_shinyfics prompt #01

Title: Upon Her Heart
Category: Ficlet
Word Count: 724
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Timeline: Post-Serenity (BDM)
Characters: Inara Serra (with mentions of Mal, Simon, and Jayne)
Rating: PG - for gore
Summary: Inara helps Mal fight for his life.
Disclaimer: Inara and the entirety of the Firefly-verse belongs to Joss. FOX Broadcasting Company and Universal have some claim to them, too, since they're the ones that brought Firefly and Serenity to the public. I love writing about them, but I don't claim to have any ownership of the characters contained in the following fiction. I do, however, own the fiction and any use of plagiarism will endanger your life.

Author's Notes: Written for 30_shinyfics, prompt #01 – “red”. If you enjoy what you read: comments are love, and so are new friends!

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15. Boom-Boom; 30_shinyfics prompt #04

Title: Boom-Boom
Category: Ficlet
Word Count: 402
Fandom: Firefly
Timeline: Anytime during the first season
Characters: Inara Serra (with a mentioning of Kaylee and Mal)
Rating: G
Summary: Inara ponders matters of the heart.
Disclaimer: Inara and the entirety of the Firefly-verse belongs to Joss. FOX Broadcasting Company and Universal have some claim to them, too, since they're the ones that brought Firefly and Serenity to the public. I love writing about them, but I don't claim to have any ownership of the characters contained in the following fiction. I do, however, own the fiction and any use of plagiarism will endanger your life.

Author’s Notes: Written for 30_shinyfics, prompt #04 – “truth”. If you enjoy what you read: comments are love, and so are new friends!

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01.05.08 -- first posty of the new year

I decided to post up all the goodies I got for Christmas. I know you're like "Way late", but I didn't celebrate Christmas with my family until the first, so I'm really not that late with it. =)

Sean gave me:
01. 1600 XBOX Live points
02. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, Volume I: The Long Way Home graphic novel
03. Overlord for the XBOX 360

Sean's parents gave me:
01. A cute white hoodie sweater from Aeropostale
02. A cute brown and pink hoodie from Aeropostale
03. A little pink cami from Aeropostale
04. A white, brown and pink scarf from Aeropostale
05. A pair of earrings made from spoons
06. Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire
07. Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire

Both of the books I have to exchange because I already have them.

Matt and Laura gave me:
01. A pair of PJs from Victoria's Secret
02. A bottle of Body Splash from Victoria's Secret (although they signed this from Norris, their puppy)

I also got a bunch of stuff in my stocking at Georgi and Mark's house:
01. A Monopoly express play game
02. A $10 Starbucks gift card
03. Five lottery strach cards (I won $1 on 3 of them)
04. A MegaMillions lottery ticket
05. A bag of assorted candy
06. A bag of gummy Lifesavers
07. A pack of Eclipse gum

Justin got me:
01. Timbaland's Shock Value CD

Jeff and Heather got me:
01. An adorable pair of earrings from American Eagle - silver horseshoes with little pink crystals in them
02. A box of yummy Japanese candies that were half chocolate and half strawberry
03. A Papa Roach t-shirt! I can't ever find their merchandise
04. A pair of knee high fuzzy white socks from Bath & Body Works

My parents got me:
01. His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman
02. One big, giant book that houses SEVEN Jane Austen novels
03. A waffle maker! The fancy kind that flips over! EEEE!
04. A box of waffle mix

And in my stocking at home, I got:
01. An orange - like every year
02. Assassin's Creed for the XBOX 360
03. A new chain (as in necklace) from James Avery. I really needed one because chains keep breaking on me and I've been using one chain for 3 pendants. Now, my Tiffany's pendant Erin got me for my 21st birthday has its own chain again!
04. The Sims 2 Happy Holiday Stuff Pack
05. A milk chocolate and roasted almonds Cadburry bar
06. An ornament shaped container filled with Sweet Pea bubble bath from Bath & Bodyworks

I'm still waiting for Erin's gift, but she sent it out on Wednesday, so it shouldn't be too much longer. =)