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// could have been the DEATH of me \\

[but then you breathed your BREATH in me]

19 April 1985
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The Girl

"Paint her in, watching one color end and one begin. Brush away what's stray. Add a finishing touch."
Megan. Meg. Meggie. Meggles. Born April 19th. 22 years of age. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Military brat. A dad, a mom, a younger brother - Jeff. Graduate of A.C. Davis High School in Yakima, WA. Graduate of Perry Technical Institute in Yakima, WA (graphic design certificate). Currently attending Heritage Institute in Manassas, VA. Future medical assistant or LMXO. Proud mommy to Shinzo "Zoey" {canine; female fawn/black Akita/Lab mix} and Kaylee {feline; female buff/orange tabby}. Sharing the house with more animals than needed: 3 cats; Yoshi Necko "Yoshi" {male black domestic shorthair}, TigerLilly "Lilly" {female grey tabby}, and Lunar Eclipse "Clip" {male black domestic longhair}. 1 dog; Takara Mono "Taki" {female fawn/black/white Akita}. Songbird. Animal lover. Spastic. Squealy. Fangirl. Imaginative. A giver. People pleaser (if I like you). Bitchy.
The Boob Tube

"So quiet; another wasted night. The television steals the conversation."
America's Next Top Model. Angel. Arrested Development. Big Love. Bones. Buffy: the Vampire Slayer. Deadwood. Friends. Firefly. Freaks and Geeks. Gilmore Girls. Grey's Anatomy. Heroes. House. Lost. Prison Break. The Office. Once and Again. Quantum Leap. Rome. Sex and the City. So You Think You Can Dance? Viva La Bam.
The Authors

"All your compliments and your cutting remarks are captured here in my quotation marks."
Lisa Carey. Jude Deveraux. Helen Fielding. Alice Hoffman. Stephen King. Tanith Lee. Johanna Lindsey. Gregory Maguire. Sue Monk Kidd. Jodi Picoult. JK Rowling. Jennifer Weiner.
The Fandoms

"I lie awake and try so hard not to think of you. But who can decide what they dream? And dream I do."
Angel. Backstreet Boys. Big Love. Bones. Buffy: the Vampire Slayer. Deadwood. Firefly/Serenity. Gilmore Girls. Harry Potter. House. The Office. Prison Break. -- Angel/Cordelia. Angel/Spike. Doyle/Cordelia. Wesley/Fred. Wesley/Illyria. Bill/Barbara. Bill/Nicolette. Bill/Margene. Barbara/Nicolette. Benny/Margene. Booth/Brennan. Jack/Angela. Angel/Drusilla. Spike/Buffy. Spike/Dawn. Giles/Buffy. Giles/Willow. Willow/Oz. Willow/Tara. Xander/Willow. Xander/Cordelia. Xander/Anya. Al/Dan. Charlie/Joanie. Francias/Carrie. Seth/Alma. Seth/Martha. Sol/Trixie. Trixie/Sophia. Wild Bill/Jane. Inara/Kaylee. Kaylee/River. Jayne/Kaylee. Mal/Inara. Mal/River. Simon/Kaylee. Simon/River. Wash/Zoe. Kirk/Lulu. Luke/Lorelei. Jackson/Sookie. Jess/Rory. Zach/Lane. Ron/Hermione. Sirius/Remus. Chase/Cameron. House/Cameron. House/Cuddy. House/Wilson. Dwight/Angela. Dwight/Michael. Jim/Pam. Haywire/Sasha. Michael/Lincoln. Michael/Sara. Michael/Sucre.
The People

"You're beautiful, just the way you are. And I love it all."
Amy Acker. Amy Adams. Paul Adelstein. Keiko Agena. Jessica Alba. Will Arnett. Morena Baccarin. Leslie David Baker. Adam Baldwin. Christian Bale. Elizabeth Banks. Nigel Barker. Jacinda Barrett. Drew Barrymore. Justin Bartha. Jason Bateman. Kate Beckinsale. Kristen Bell. Amber Benson. Julie Benz. Alexis Bledel. Kameron Bink. Kelly Bishop. Zach Braff. Nicholas Brendon. Abigail Breslin. W Earl Brown. David Boreanaz. Tim Burton. Adam Busch. Sophia Bush. Gerard Butler. Sarah Wayne Callies. Steve Carell. Michael Cera. Justin Chambers. Daveigh Chase. Charisma Carpenter. Kim Cattrall. Emma Caulfield. Michaela Conlin. Toni Collette. Dane Cook. John Corbett. David Cross. Matt Damon. Chris Daughtry. Rosario Dawson. Kristin Davis. Cat Deeley. Alexis Denisof. Patrick Dempsey. Johnny Depp. Emily Deschanel. Zooey Deschanel. Kim Dickens. Taye Diggs. Lisa Edelstein. Omar Epps. Chris Evans. Jimmy Fallon. Nathan Fillion. Jenna Fischer. Isla Fisher. Claire Forlani. Lane Garrison. Sarah Michelle Gellar. Mel Gibson. Summer Glau. Maggie Grace. Lauren Graham. Seth Green. Ginnifer Goodwin. Ryan Gosling. Sean Gunn. Tony Hale. Andy Hallett. Alyson Hannigan. Melora Hardin. Anne Hathaway. Anthony Stewart Head. Katherine Heigl. Ed Helms. Christina Hendricks. Freddie Highmore. Faith Hill. Allison Holker. Josh Holloway. Bryce Dallas Howard. Ron Howard. Kate Hudson. Scarlett Johansson. Rashida Jones. Mondy Kaling. Angela Kinsey. Robert Knepper. TR Knight. John Krasinski. Ivan Koumaev. Ashton Kutcher. Hugh Laurie. James Kyson Lee. Tom Lenk. Robert Sean Leonard. Paul Lieberstein. Adriana Lima. Brian Littrell. Josh Lucas. Stephen Lynch. Sean Maher. Tina Majorino. Paula Malcomson. Josie Maran. James Marsters. Tim McGraw. Ewan McGregor. Kevin McKidd. Ian McShane. Idina Menzel. Wentworth Miller. Silas Weir Mitchell. Mandy Moore. Jennifer Morrison. Emily Mortimer. Petra Nemcova. Amaury Nolasco. BJ Novak. Sandra Oh. Masi Oka. Timothy Olyphant. Molly Parker. Sarah Jessica Parker. Scott Patterson. Sarah Paulson. Anna Paquin. Bill Paxton. Amanda Peet. Ryan Phillippe. Natalie Portman. Monica Potter. Dominic Purcell. Zachary Quinto. Anthony Rapp. Emilie de Ravin. Seth Rogen. Portia de Rossi. Emmy Rossum. Paul Rudd. Johnny Rzeznik. Andy Samberg. Adam Sandler. Benji Schwimmer. Lacey-Mae Schwimmer. Tom Selleck. Chloe Sevigny. Amanda Seyfried. Alia Shawkat. Jesse Spencer. Jewel Staite. Ray Stevenson. Joss Stone. Peter Stormare. Tamara Taylor. Tracie Thoms. TJ Thyne. Gina Torres. Michelle Trachtenberg. Jeanne Tripplehorn. Liv Tyler. Alan Tudyk. Indira Varma. Milo Ventimiglia. Carrie Underwood. Bree Seanna Wall. Travis Wall. Nancy Walls. Paul Walker. Kate Walsh. Emma Watson. Robin Weigert. Titus Welliver. Joss Whedon. Chandra Wilson. Patrick Wilson. Rainn Wilson. Kate Winslet. Reese Witherspoon. Elijah Wood. Steve Zahn.
The Obsessions

"What I want and what I need have now become the same thing you've been offering."
Writing. Singing. Reading. Horseback riding. Broadway. Driving. Sleeping. Playstion 2. XBOX 360. Nintendo DS. PSP. Guitar Hero II. Gears of War. Oblivion. Starbucks. Animals. iPods. Shoes. Shopping. TV on DVD. DVRs. DIRECTV. GameStop. GameCrazy. EBX. Macy's. Groceries. Credit cards. Coach. Jimmy Choo. HBO. Showtime. Cameras. Pictures. Books. Borders. Jewelry. ANTM marathons. Haircuts. Pedicures. Fossil. Kenzie. Pirates. Sleeping in Sean's shirts. Birthday cards. My giant bulletin board. Eating. Fan fiction. Erin.
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Erin is love
Erin is LOVE

...look what we've got, a fairytale plot - our very own HAPPY ending. PROUD to be xlightof_love's WIFE.

Nymphie all aurorish and with her wand! Elphie! Elphaba - soon to be the Wicked Witch of the West, but back when she first got her sexy hat and wasn't officially wicked yet. Radames with his shirt open. *droooooool* Wrenn - hands off, she's mine
-- All the dollies above from Cork *big snuggle*

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